Advisors in technical due diligence

Advisors in technical due diligence and business development strategy

a. Pressure test and optimise development and licensing plans and support M&A

d3 has experience leading and participating in global due diligence teams, to rapidly develop Target Product Profiles, identify potential ‘hot spots’ which will require de-risking, constructing Clinical Development Plans, monetizing value captured by successful discharge of program risks, and supporting deal structuring and negotiations.

For potential life-science investors, d3 can provide strategic level support and rapidly mobilise a full team of experts to conduct onsite or electronic due diligence for assets or platforms of interest. For those looking to in or out-license an asset, d3 will equip you with the knowledge and customer perspective to insure that you are as prepared as possible for the challenging partnering process, and that your valuable time and development resource is focused on those activities that matter most.

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